International Festival Of The Sahara Of Douz

International Sahara festival in Douz 

Festival’s history :

It is the first event of its kind, The camel festival since 1910, it contains camel race, traditional games. It is placed under the aegis of the French Resident General.
After the independence in 1956.Habib Bourguiba held that this festival have to be the best oldest one and the country’s known one. 

the first session was done in 1967. It must be recognized  that thanks to M’hammed El Marzougui the festival has a turning point with a new form.  He dedicates his life to the  knowledge transmission and his love to the nomadic way of life and traditions. 
Since 1981 the festival became an international scop with the participation of Arab and African countries.

How does The international Sahara festival in Douz :

With the end of the official ceremony’s the main events take place in Hnich surrounded by bedouin tents, camel marathon, fantasia, traditional bedouin wedding ceremony, dogs hunting Sloughi. In the evening there is groups from foreign countries come to perform songs, music and colorfal dancing.

At last and not least the main event under the aegis of poet there is the annual poetry competition, the objective from this competition is to extend the life of this beloved cultural tradition in the Sahara.

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