Camel Ride camp AbdelMoula

Camel Ride

In the Sahara the most requested activity by the visitors is the camel ride, through this activity you will explore the beautiful dunes with the nomads, live a unique adventure and admire the amazing landscape.

Camel Ride : A real Saharan adventure

This hike allow you to cross the dunes that stretch as far as you can see, to admire silently the beautiful desert and to live with the Saharan rhythm away from the city crowd .

During this thrilling adventure of the camel ride you will sink in the desert, discover the hidden wonders and adventures in some areas which are not accessible to vehicles and you will discover the Berber communities that preserve their traditions for centuries.

ABDELMOULA Camp offers this unforgettable experience for young and adult, a real Saharan adventure!
Nothing beats the camel ride in the desert! So join us and live this wonderful adventure.

camel ride camp-abdelmoula
camel ride camp-abdelmoula

Price of Camel Ride :

ActivityOne-day price
Camel330 TND

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