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Southern star ride

Go for 3 days and 2 nights in the great Tunisian South which dazzle you with its amazing landscape between the white sand dunes, the glittering mirages of the salt lake and the dream beaches, from Douz to Tembain passing from Jebil , with succumbing to the exotic to this subtle blend of Saharan oasis and The turquoise sea

Day 1: Douz, Jebil, ABDELMOULA Camp in Temabain

  1. Departure with 4×4 to Tembain passing from Jebil which overlook to an ocean of dunes extended as the eye can see.
  2. Visit to Jebil Park the largest natural park in Tunisia with impressive dunes and rock formations, the access to the park is from a runway based in Douz.
  3. Discover of the national park which contains thousands of migratory bird like graylag goose, the whistling duck, the coots, stork, sparrow, raptors, reptile, tortoise and even the buffalo they also find a place in this park.
  4. Continuation of the road to Tembain mountain that can be seen from afar, crossing 20 km of beautiful dunes surrounded by the silence of the huge desert.
  5. Watching the sunset on the dunes in the heart of the desert and enjoying the different colors of the desert according to the intensity of the sun.
  6. We finish with an evening around the campfire between the members of our team it is a collective moment of sharing and relaxation.
  7. Enjoy a special dinner under the satrs.

Day 2 :Tembaine / Tembaine

  1. Wake up in the morning in Tembain, enjoy your breakfast with a desert view by admiring the sunrise and the wonderful landscape.
  2. Departure with 4×4 for a ride in Tembain to enjoy an authentic adventure and discover beautiful view that takes your breath away.
  3. Enjoy the constantly beauty of the landscape in Tembain with some surprises like sand well, mountains that overlook the dunes and some basin which contain brush and shrub.
  4. A stroll on foot around the ABDELMOULA Camp
  5. Back to the campsite to enjoy the sunset with the most beautiful color gradient that offers you a relaxing moment under the sky.
  6. Savor a delicious dinner under the stars with ABDELMOULA Camp.

DAY 3 Tembaine/ Douz

  1. Wake-up and take your breakfast during a quiet moment in the desert.
  2. Come back to Douz with a comfortable 4×4 while discovering the desert and the close encounter with tot he nature, it is a special and unique experience to live at least once in a lifetime .
  3. Arrival to Douz
  4. End of the ride

Price of the southern satr ride

Ride Number of person Price
Southern star ride 1 1465 TND
2 1710 TND
3 2115 TND
4 2520 TND
52925 TND